Tips on cleaning Nubuck leather

Tips on cleaning Nubuck leather

Nubuck leather is made of a top-grain or full-grain hide of leather sanded on top, until it becomes soft and beautiful. This type of leather displays a brushed appearance. Brush it one way and you get a darker version of the colour, brush it the other and it’s a lighter version of the colour.

Here are few tips on cleaning Nubuck leather.

  • Never use liquid conditioner or cleaner on Nubuck leather. Using liquid on Nubuck leather will cause it to darken and mash the leather fibers.

  • Use sandpaper or a stiff nylon brush back and forth over the surface of the Nubuck leather. Due to sanding, dust and dirt from the leather will come out. Wipe off the dirt with a soft dry cloth.

  • If a small spot of Nubuck is stained, rub the sand paper only on that part of the leather.

  • Sometimes a dark stain can get very difficult to clean. This is because the stain has some oil content to it. In this case, try placing a pinch of cornstarch on the stain. Allow it to sit overnight. Next morning, clean the cornstarch. Repeat the process till the stain can be brushed off.

  • Tough stains can also be removed by applying specific de-greasing pastes and then cleaning it.

  • Spray protection should always be applied to Nubuck leather.

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