Does leather need protection?

Yes, with use over time, the factory applied protection or the pigment gets worn out when exposed to sunlight, and dirt and dye transfers from other fabrics. This effects the appearance and feel of the leather. Renewed leather protection acts as a barrier against spot-dirt and dyes settling permanently. Between profesional treatments, these can be removed as part of the general household cleaning routine.

Will the professional cleaning process damage my furniture?

As your car requires servicing if you want it to last and keep its value, so your leather also requires maintence. Having the leather regulary cleaned by a professional will increase the life-span of the furniture.

How long does it take to clean leather lounges?

To clean a three-seat lounge it takes approximately one to one and a half hours and to clean a suite around two and a half to three hours.

Can you remove all stains and marks?

Non dye-based stains which are not more than a month old, yes. Dye-based stains or ink stains that have been there for more than a week, will not come out with cleaning alone, this needs an additional process.

How soon can I use the lounges after cleaning?

After cleaning and applying the protection cream, it is best to leave the furniture unused for a few hours. Depending on the usage and the quality of leather, time for the protective cream to be absorbed into the leather will vary.

Are the chemicals safe?

Yes the products we use are safe and non toxic. Those used for general cleaning and protection are water based and are very safe for the leather and for children and pets. We do use gentle solvents when removing stubborn stains or marks, but are these are chemically neutralised before the process is complete.

I have white leather does it need different treatment?

White lounge-leather tends to attract more dye colour marks so it requires more frequent cleaning and protection than other coloured leathers…

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