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    Sydney Leather Cleaners | Leather Cleaning Sydney

    Sydney leather cleaners are Sydney’s leading leather cleaning company because we know leather. And we understand what it takes to keep it clean. So if you want your old leather furniture to look new again, look no further than Sydney Leather Cleaners,. So call 1800 660 466 today!

    Protect Your Furniture With Sydney Leather Cleaners!

    Due to the lengthy manufacturing process, quality leather goods are expensive.  Leather is a natural product and is sensitive to environmental influences. A properly cared-for leather lounge for example could last much longer than one with a fabric covering … as long as it is properly looked after.

    As a leather lounge is used, over time it may appear

    • Dull
    • Dry
    • Stained
    • Scratched
    • Or just look neglected

    A properly cared-for leather lounge will do much to enhance the appearance of the room and generally will provide many years of comfortable leisure time.

    ‘Sydney Leather Cleaners’ are highly experienced and trained in cleaning and repairing leather upholstery. As leather lounges age, many people cover them with loose fabric covers and cushions to hide stains, dull patches and scratched or worn leather.

    Sounds familiar? … then it may be time to call in the professional leather lounge cleaners. One of our experienced staff will come, inspect the lounge and advise you about the details of restoration that can be done.

    Leather is a natural product so it does react to its surroundings. Influences such as sunlight, dust, carbon from the atmosphere and airborne particles often block the surface fibres of the leather and prevent the leather from breathing. Ultimately this results in your expensive leather lounge suite looking rather sad! Our technicians can gently remove this debris and replenish the moisture which allows the leather to breathe normally. Your leather lounge will take on a new lease of life.

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