Leather Care

Leather Care

Leather is used for various purposes like clothing, accessories, book binding, and furniture covering.  It is produced in a wide variety of types and styles and is decorated by a wide range of techniques. When a material is used for such a wide variety of purposes, you need to protect and care for it in a special way.

To begin with, leather should be bought carefully. There are numerous type of leather, some might be more durable and superior in quality then the others. Do not keep leather in direct sunlight, it fades and makes the leather product look dry and old. You should also keep leather away from any indoor heating appliances.

There is a need to regularly clean your leather products to keep it presentable and look natural rather than avoiding it and cleaning it with chemicals later on. Also ask for professional help every eighteen months or so depending on your usage to clean the leather in a professional way.

Do not force or do excessive scrubbing to remove stains, instead use gentle, wide circular movements. And minimize the use of chemicals and focus on using neutral products. Before starting to clean leather, test it on a not so visible place of the leather product. Also use protective measures like gloves and eye protection specially when using chemicals.

Do not use or leave sharp objects on the lounge as leather gets easily cut. Take precautions while lifting and moving the lounge, too much force from any side can damage it and change its shape.

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