Leather Cleaning and Protection

Types of Leather We Clean

Aniline‘ leather is the best among all the quality leathers and is made from the very best hides. It has a quality look and feel and is very expensive. Due to its characteristics it is also highly sensitive, prone to sun fading and difficult to repair. Aniline leather survives best with constant care and maintenance.

Nubuck‘ leather. To get the desired finish, softness and new-look Nubuck is buffed, which gives it a velvet texture. Unfortunately this requires regular maintenance to keep it in good condition, it’s quite difficult to repair and is prone to fading. Often Nubuck is mistaken for suede.

Pigmented‘ leather. As the name suggest the leather is processed with a layer of pigment to overcome the wearing issues of Aniline and Nubuck. Eighty percent of the leather used in modern lounges is pigmented leather, it is durable, easy to maintain for families with kids, pets etc. It stands up to reasonable wear and tear and can be repaired more easily.

Leather Cleaning and Protection:


  • We do a thorough close-inspection of the lounge leather.
  • Spot-test to check colourfastness and other issues
  • We apply a neutral cleaning solution
  • Then massage the solution into the leather
  • This breaks down the oils and grease
  • And removes stains and other debris
  • We spot-clean where necessary
  • Oils are then replenished by applying a conditioner
  • As an optional extra, we can apply a stain resistant protection treatment.
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