How to care for your leather

  1. Keep leather away from direct sunlight it will become dry and faded.
  2. Always keep leather away from indoor heating appliances.
  3. Have the leather cleaned professionally every twelve to eighteen months depending on your usage.
  4. When cleaning your lounge yourself, do not use force or excessive scrubing to remove stains. Use gentle, wide circular movements.
  5. Use neutral products, avoid using harsh chemicals, always pre-test on an inconspicuous area.
  6. Always use protective measures like gloves and eye protection when using cleaning chemicals.
  7. With another person, lift and move the lounge gently, avoid dragging or applying too much force from one side, it may damage or move the underlying structure resulting in changes to the tension or firmness of the leather.
  8. Due to a modern trend to use natural products as dyes, fabric covers should be pre-tested or washed before placing on the leather.
  9. Don’t use or leave sharp objects on the lounge as leather is easily cut.
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