How to store leather bags and purses?

How to store leather bags and purses?
Even when you’re not using your handbag, it’s still important to take care of it. Proper storage can extend your bag’s life and ensure that it’s just as lovely when you decide to use it again.

Make sure the handbag is dry :- Storing a wet leather bag can cause mildew and other serious damage. If your bag is damp from cleaning or from use, wait to store it until it’s completely dry.

Stuff the bag before storing:- Before you store your bag, stuff the compartments with tissue paper or bubble wrap. Make sure the stuffing is firm, and that is does not stretch the seams of the bag. This process will help the bag retain its shape.

Wrap buckles and chains:- If you bag has metal buckles, tags, or chains, be sure to wrap those pieces in tissue paper before you store the bag. This will keep the metal from pressing against the leather and leaving a mark.

Store the bag where it can breathe:- Don’t store your handbag in a plastic bin or bag, since these materials can trap moisture, damaging the leather. Instead, wrap the bag in protective paper, and store it on a shelf or in a box with holes.

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