How to clean and condition leather ?

How to clean and condition leather ?

Leather is strong, but cleaning it the wrong way can spoil it and make it appear much older than it is.

Always remember when cleaning leather, avoid drying it out or doing anything that affects its look.

It’s not always advisable to spend a great amount of money on products for cleaning leather, especially the finished type of leather commonly used to make coats, furniture, and boots.

Primarily, you only need inexpensive products you probably already have in your home and that contain less harmful chemicals than the manufactured leather cleaning products.

Use cleaning products which are gentle: – Start cleaning the leather item with a gentle hand soap product. Each piece of leather is a little different from another, and something that works great on one product might not be the best plan for another.

Always test the leather first: РTest a small invisible area first before using the cleaning product on the entire leather product. Leather is not water-proof. The idea is to use as little soap and water as possible. Just enough is needed to clean it, no more than that.

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