Still confused about correct leather cleaning methods?

Still confused about correct leather cleaning methods?
Are you like majority of consumers who have last minute doubts when it comes to final decisions – making process about what furniture to buy? And if you’re considering buying leather furniture, you may have some questions about the maintenance of it. There is nothing to worry about, as it is possible to restore the leather furniture’s original beauty with proper cleaning and restoration technique.

Keeping your leather in good shape isn’t complicated at all, but can raise questions about the best way to keep these leather items in top condition. Here are a few myths and misconceptions about leather.

Myth 1:  Slight tears in leather are fixable with super glue

Super glue should never be used to fix tears in leather. Since super glue is non flexible, once dry, it hardens and damages the leather rather than repairing it.

Myth 2: Cuts on leather are irreparable

Cuts on the leather certainly can be fixed even though it’s the hardest to repair. You can find various adhesives and leather repair kits at most of the stores meant for leather care. You might need to put some padding under the patch, if the cuts are too big to mend.

Myth 3: Maintain your leather’s look with olive oil

All kinds of oils contribute in speeding up the process of leather deterioration. Since leather is porous, it absorbs the oil and in due course will lead to discolouration.

Myth 4:  Hair sprays can remove small stains

Hair sprays have high levels of alcohol. When sprayed on, hair sprays can cause discolouration to leather. It worsens the appearance of leather due to its sticky deposits which collects dust.

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