Leather shoe cleaning tips

Leather shoe cleaning tips

Shoe Cleaning – Before cleaning your leather shoes, make sure to get rid off all the sand and dirt. When the shoes require deep cleaning, saddle soap is great. Make sure not to over do it.

Let the Shoe Completely Dry – Do not use external heat source for drying the shoes. Let them dry at room temperature.

Shoe conditioning – Apply more than one coat of good leather conditioner. Lather the shoe up with the conditioner and let it sit overnight.

Clean up the excess conditioner – After conditioning the shoes clean off the excess conditioner. Failure to do this will reduce the shine.

Polish the Shoe – Good polishing of shoe will make it look like new.

Finish the Shoe – For those that like to go the extra mile, edge dressing and details like new laces and eyelet detailing are once a month tasks.

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