Care for leather footwear in winter

Care for leather footwear in winter

We all own that favorite leather footwear that we wish to keep in great condition for all seasons to come. But during winter it isn’t so easy to keep your leather footwear in the best possible condition unless maintained in the right way.

Following points will help you preserve, protect and if damaged, restore it original look and prevent from drying throughout winter.

  1. Use a soft dry cloth to wipe clean the leather shoe.
  2. Using leather cleaner to remove soiled stains or spots, using leather conditioner or leather polish to give a shinny look will help protect leather, but this needs to be done professionally, as using the right leather cleaning agent is important.
  3. Stuff your leather shoes with newspaper; this will keep them in their right shape.
  4. After cleaning leather footwear, remember to dry them at room temperature.
  5. Since, its winter, you might think the leather footwear needs some heat. Do not expose leather to any heat agents, as such conditions can cause leather to fade, crack or dry out.

There are many more professional ways to keep your favorite footwear intact and in perfect condition. We at Sydney Leather Cleaners offer professional services in helping you maintain and protect your leather items.

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