Wealth out of old Leather belts!!

Wealth out of old Leather belts!!

Clearing out articles you think are no longer of any use? Found some old leather belts??? Continue reading before you decide to dispose them totally.

 The leather belt must have worn out a little or may be you do not like using it anymore or may be it just doesn’t fit you right or one of the very likely reasons – you bought a new one. This doesn’t stop you from using the old leather belt, but… this time you are not going to use it around your waist. There’s still plenty you can do with it!!

 These leather belts can be reused for making a variety of wonderful articles, like those used in our day to day life. Here are a few things you can try out:

 1) Handle for a handbag!!

An old leather belt can serve as a handle for your handbag. All you need is to do is cut the belt into two halves and sew them onto the bag, or may be a strong glue would also do.

 2) Picture Perfect!!

Cut out your leather belt into four pieces (preferably) or more and you can fit them together like a photo frame.

Tip: The picture will look even better if the background of your photograph is matching the belt color.

 3) Make your table drawers look decently different!!

All you will need is a carpentry tool kit; start off with cutting the belt into desirable sizes, then a little bit of hit and hammer and its all ready, your decent drawer pulls!

 4) “Wow!” at the door!

This will need a little more creativity. Collect old leather belts, at least 6 in number, bind them all together, in parallel, (you can use any other design which comes to your mind, like cross pattern, diagonal, etc). Once you are done with the binding, you got nothing more to do, right before your eyes; you will have a beautiful leather belt doormat.

 5) Clock it the vintage style!!

Use an old leather belt to wrap around the clock, if your watch has the perfect length match to that of the belt, you will get it perfectly done else, you will need to do slight modifications. (Hope it fits right)

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