Water is no friend to leather shoes

Water is no friend to leather shoes

Water is no friend to leather, especially sea water and rainwater. Taking a microscopic look, you will understand that leather is made up of a tangle or knots of collagen. In the tanning process, hides are soaked in chemicals to avoid its fibers and their bonds from turning sour (decomposing). Then natural fats and oils are suitably mixed with the hides to keep the protein bonds from drying out and help keep the leather supple.

As mentioned above, water is no friend to leather and hence it can and will destroy the suppleness of your leather shoe. So, it’s highly advisable to take good care right from the very beginning. Continue reading to find a few tips to help maintain leather shoes.

1. Remove or wipe out water from the outside of the shoe using a dry rag or a dry towel.
2. Wipe the moisture from the inside of the shoe using a newspaper.
3. Let them dry at room temperature, do not using any heating agents / source to dry them, as this will increase the chances of leather cracking.
4. Once the shoes appear dry and moisture content is completely drawn out, condition the leather shoes
5. Finally polish normally.

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