Removing stains from vintage leather

Removing stains from vintage leather

Before using any cleaning product, do a spot test to make sure that the cleaning method does not spoil the texture or colour of the leather.

Bloodstains - Immediately wash blood stains with mild soap or leather cleaner. It is difficult to remove blood stains with household methods, if the stain gets dried.

Perspiration - With a baby shampoo or fabric softener, wash leather in warm water. Make sure that the leather skin is saturated in it first. After washing, rinse the leather and dry it completely.

Wax - Place a blotting or brown paper on the wax and use an iron set on top of the paper until all the wax transfers from the leather onto the paper. Repeat the process until the spot gets removed with clean blotting or brown paper.

Oil based stains - Leather being a natural material is highly absorbent of oil and if the oil stains set in, it then becomes very difficult to remove them. Conditioning the entire leather with an oil based conditioner may help, but it might discolour the entire leather surface. It is always better to get professional help to clean tough stains.

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