Process of Leather Cleaning

Process of Leather Cleaning

Leather making or leather work is an ancient art that has been practiced for more than 7000 years. Leather initially was used by primitive man for footwear as a protection and basic needs. But, as time passed, leather became commercial and it now used for various other purposes like clothing, furniture, bags, and accessories.

There are 3 types of leather we deal with at Sydney Leather Cleaners. The first one being, Aniline leather: This is the best among all quality leather and is made from the very best hides. It has a quality look and feel, and is very expensive.

Secondly, Nubuck leather: Unfortunately this leather requires regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. It’s quite difficult to repair and is prone to fading.

And finally, Pigmented leather which is leather made of many layers of pigment to overcome the wearing issues of Aniline and Nubuck.

Presently Leather is become a global and a versatile material. Therefore, the need for cleaning it and preserving it has more importance nowadays. Here is a process to clean leather that our professionals go through at Sydney Leather Cleaners.

  • We do a thorough close-inspection of the lounge leather.
  • Spot-test to check colorfastness and other issues.
  • We apply a neutral cleaning solution.
  • Then massage the solution into the leather.
  • This breaks down the oils and grease.
  • And removes stains and other debris.
  • We spot-clean where necessary.
  • Oils are then replenished by applying a conditioner.

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