Pre-Cleaning Leather Precautions

Pre-Cleaning Leather Precautions
Cleaning is the most important part of caring for your leather whether it’s in your home, organization or car. Keeping leather looking good as new and polished isn’t very hard. Simple maintenance and general cleaning can help leather products last long and look better.

Before using any cleaning product on leather, always make sure that the product will not change the texture or damage the leather item.

  • Examining the type of leather- Before starting to clean any leather item, research about what type of leather it is. Leather can be of different types like full-grain, nubuck, split leather etc.
  • Reading the tags- Many manufacturers write certain rules and instruction on the tags and specify how the item should be cleaned. Using different cleaners might change the texture or damage the leather item.
  • Testing leather- Always test a small part of leather item which is not noticeable with the cleaning product before actually using it to clean the item. Immediately stop using that product if it causes any damage to that particular spot.

Leather cannot be cleaned in a certain specific manner. Different cleaning product should be used on different types of leather. Consult a retailer and always check the cleaning product.

Cleaning some leather items might even require professional help.

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