Natural leather cleaning remedies

Natural leather cleaning remedies

Leather provides a stylish, durable covering for all types of furniture. Proper care should be taken to make leather look good for years. Always try cleaning a small spot of leather first before using the cleaning remedy for the entire leather furniture. Cleaning leather regularly will help keep it supple and attractive.

Below are some natural leather cleaning remedies.

Eraser:- The Michigan state university recommended art gum eraser to clean leather. Rub the eraser in a back and forth motion across the leather surface. This will rub off the dirt from its surface. Pause a little bit to clean off eraser debris. Never press the eraser too hard.

Talcum powder:- To remove any oil spots or fresh grease, pour some talcum powder over it and let it sit overnight. Talcum powder will absorb the oils. Vacuum up the talcum powder next day.

Soap and water:- Leather should always be cleaned with a mild soap such as saddle soap. Use a moist cloth and rub the soap on it. Use this soapy cloth to wipe the leather surface. Make sure that the leather does not get too moist. Too much moisture may damage the texture of the leather.

Olive oil:- Always condition the leather after cleaning it. Use a few drops of olive oil on a cloth and rub it in circular motion on the leather surface. If you use too much oil and the surface becomes sticky, then wipe the oil with soap and water and start the conditioning process again.

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