Myths & Facts about Leather

Myths & Facts about Leather
Leather is a popular material used for furniture and upholstery in your home. It not only gives your home an elegant and classy look, but also lasts longer than other materials if maintained well. However, there are a lot of Myths related to leather fabrics and furniture. Some of these myths are false and some partly true. Here are a couple of popular myths about leather.

Leather is only for rich
One of the popular myths about leather is that it is only for rich people. This myth is felt by public due to the rich look leather gives to homes. Leather can be owned by any average person if he chooses to. Leather lasts longer than other fabrics, hence should be preferred compared to other fabrics.

Leather cuts cannot be repaired
This again is another false myth people believe in. Leather cuts might be difficult to repair but not impossible. Leather cuts can be repaired with the correct equipment. Hiring a professional leather repair or restoration expert is another way.

Leather can look new with olive oil
This is absolutely untrue. Olive oil doesn’t help in making leather look brand new, but instead does the opposite. The use of olive oil can make your couch deteriorate faster. Not only olive oil, but the use of any other oil should be prevented at all cost. Leather absorbs the oil as leather fabric is absorbent, this absorbed oil can cause the leather to lose its color.

Super Glue can fix leather cuts
Again, this isn’t true. Super glue should never be used on leather as it isn’t flexible with leather. Super glue hardens once applied, hence should not be applied to leather as it can cause further damage to it.

Leather is hard to maintain
This is not true! In fact, leather is easy to maintain if you are using the instructions as per the manual or as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Prevent using other normal cleaning agents like soap, detergents, etc. Leather material is different and should be washed with a conditioner that is suitable for leather cleaning.

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