Mold Growth on Leather

Mold Growth on Leather
The growth of mold on leather is common and natural. Mold growth does not create any major problems for leather, but it should not be ignored as it can be a problem later on. The only problem leather faces due to mold is discoloration. Mold often affects bright colored leather products and leaves behind tiny discoloration patches that make your leather look mediocre.

Mold grows by sucking up its food from different parts of the leather. Until the mold starts to grow new spores, it is in fact invisible and cannot be identified easily. Hence leather owners must be very careful and alert and take immediate action after they notice the growth of mold. Molds can also devour some important additives used in the making of leather like liquor fats, tannins etc. Once mold has reached inside the leather, simple cleaning process won’t fix this issue as it will just keep growing out.

Mold cannot be stopped as it is a natural process, it can however be slowed down.

  • Mold never grows on dry leather surfaces. If leather is kept dry it will never develop mold growth. However, if your leather gets wet or soaked in water it will definitely be prone to developing mold.
  • Oxygen is another reason for mold development. If you keep leather products in a place where oxygen is limited, it can help you avoid mold growth.
  • The growth of mold is most common during the summer because mold tends to grow faster in temperature between 25 & 30 degrees. Storing your leather in cooler areas won’t prevent the growth but will help slow down the process.

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