Leather trends

Leather trends
Leather has become a famous fabric all over the globe. It is not only a need, but also a fashion statement, setting a trend which has a very high standard in the market compared to other products. Leather is popular like never before.

May it be leather jackets, leather shoes, leather pants, leather dresses and leather accessories; leather has taken over the fashion industry. Regular shows and events with leather products have become a common occurrence with designers and fashion specialists focusing on leather, as it has a wider target audience.

A recent survey showed an increase of 52% use of leather products in the past 3 months! The overall global worth of the leather industry has increased ten-fold, which has gone up 16.1 million in the past three years.

Consumer interest has increased too, with the number of online deals of leather items increasing dramatically since July this year.

So what’s selling the most? Leather trousers are the most sold item! Whereas leather skirts in particular have the most online sales till date. And now you know why shopping is related more to the ladies… ;)

Which leather items are famous with guys? Being the more muscular and the rougher sex, biker jackets, bomber jackets, and all types of sport themes are the most in demand.

So what next for the leather trend? There is no sign of leather slipping off the radar soon. It has a bright future in the fashion market. Leather is the ideal trans-seasonal fabric, so for the future, brightly coloured, black patent and laminated leather mightr be a possibility. Leather can be more popular in fashion shows and fashion events, with the cat-walk getting more leather-ristic!

Hope this article will help you in giving a broader and better fashionable look for your leather attire.

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