Leather restoration tips

Leather restoration tips
Leather is very resourceful product which can be used to make various items such as, furniture, clothes, etc. With time, leather can lose its charm. So leather maintenance is very important. Given below are tips that can help restore leather.

The first step to restore to leather is to clean it properly. Cleaning the leather should be done with a proper cleaning product, using a soft cotton material cloth in a circular motion.

Scratch Reduction
Leather on furniture may get scratched because of your pet’s claws, sharp items or accessories. To restore such scratches, use a hair-dryer; rub the scratched area in a circular motion. By doing this, the original leather dye come out on the surface reducing the appearance of the scratch marks. Do not overheat the leather.

Leather products which are exposed to hot sunlight or which are kept in harsh conditions require special care. Conditioning the leather with good conditioning products, help in restoring the original texture of the leather. Apply the conditioner on a clean cloth and massage the leather item in circular motion for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Fade Repair
Leather can lose its texture and fade over time. To bring back the leather to its original colour, use a leather colour balm. These colour balms are available in a wide range of varieties. Make sure to use one which matches with the original colour of the leather.

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