Interesting facts on Leather

Interesting facts on Leather

Leather has some nice interesting facts, mostly not known to us. Here are some interesting points that you would have not come across, if not for this article.

·  The smell that leather gives off isn’t actually from the leather at all. The chemicals and dyes used to treat the animal skin are responsible for it. And if your leather product actually smells foul, then probably it isn’t treated properly and you shouldn’t use it.

·  Leather makes incredible armour! Leather from large animals is quite thick, and once it is dried and cured, is incredibly tough. This skin is used for armoury.

·  Leather has tremendous thermal properties. Leather is a natural insulator. Leather resists burning which makes it a popular material for welding aprons and gloves.

·  Leather is used in shipping! Leather is a tough material and is excellent for blocking wind. In shipping, it effectively captures wind and transfers it into movement for a vessel – as in use for sailboats.

·  Leather has a strange supplier: A hagfish! Hagfish skin is mostly used in leather products such as wallets and shoes.

·   Leather was used to take down notes and information in the old age because of its longevity. Leather is also waterproof, long lasting, durable and flame resistant which helps the cause.

·  Italy has one of the most renowned businesses of leather all over the world.

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