Important leather maintenance tips

Important leather maintenance tips
Leather can gracefully age with proper care and maintenance. Just follow these simple tips given below for your leather products to last longer.

  1. Hang leather garments on a wide or padded hanger to maintain the product’s shape.
  2. To retain leather handbag’s shape, stuff it with tissue paper when empty.
  3. Never store or keep leather items in plastic bags. Keeping leather in non – breathable covers will lead it to dry up and turn brittle.
  4. Leather should neither be kept in direct sunlight nor in a very humid and dry environment.
  5. Wearing a scarf at the neckline will help keep hair and body oil away from the leather garment.
  6. To regain flexibility of leather, condition it with a good conditioning product.
  7. Allow wet or damp leather to air – dry naturally.
  8. During winter, remove salt deposits on leather items by sponging it with clean water.

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