Don’ts of leather furniture

Don’ts of leather furniture

If you are planning to buy a leather sofa than you probably need to keep these points in the mind.

  • Heat and sunlight – Never keep your leather sofa too close to any source of heat. It may damage the texture. Also avoid keeping leather items in sunlight.
  • Cleaning detergents – Never use any harsh chemicals to clean leather. Chemical exposure tends to discolour the surface of leather.
  • Wiping – Always blot the stain rather than wiping it. Wiping the stain may spread it even more.
  • Dyes and prints – Do not keep dyed or printed clothes on leather furniture. Dyed or printed items are easily absorbed by the leather, causing stains.
  • Sharp objects – Keep sharp or pointed objects away from leather. The slightest scratch may cause permanent damage to the leather.
  • Exposure to water – A stain should never be soaked in water. Water itself will cause the stain to spread.

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