5 Basic Tips for Leather Care

Caring for your leather isn’t just about making it look good. It is about increasing the life of your leather and maintaining its look for a long term.

Keeping your leather in its best form will avoid the need to buy replacements every now and then. Hence, you’ll be saving money by investing a small amount of time and effort.  Leather can be practically everlasting if treated properly. With a little bit of care and attention, your new leather will last well and your leather will continue to have a long happy life.

Here are a few important tips to care for your leather:

1. If leather gets too wet:

Dry it slowly. Do not ever try to speed dry it. If you want to keep your leather in perfect shape and condition then gentle air at room temperature works wonders.

2. If leather gets too dry:

Rub something moist onto it. But before using any leather dressing or cream, make sure that it is recommended by the maker. Applying unwanted creams may cause damage to the surface of the leather.

3. If leather gets too dirty:

Use a damp cloth. Do not ever try to put soaps or any liquid substances which may cause the texture of the leather to change.

4. Leather stretches but does not retain original shape:

Learn to carry the right amount of things in your leather bags or wallets. Once leather stretches it never comes back to its former shape.

5. Do not wrap it in plastic:

Allow your leather to breathe fresh air. Keeping it wrapped in plastic will cause it to spoil.


Proper leather care includes cleaning, conditioning, polishing and protection. Appropriate cleaning and conditioning of leather is also essential for years of lasting beauty for your leather.

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